Letter to BS: Police doing a laudable job in fight against COVID-19

Along with medical professionals, the police forces are doing a laudable job throughout the country in the fight against COVID-19 and in safeguarding citizens. Though the police have dealt with the public in a patient manner, there are times when they are forced to take severe action as some people do not take things seriously and flout rules and regulations. If not for the police, the lockdown in most parts of the country would have ended in chaos as many have not understood the gravity of the situation yet.

It is the duty of the government now to see that police personnel are also cared for. Health protection gears and devices are a must for the cops as most of them have to handle different types of people on the streets. The medical fraternity should help and guide them with frequent checkups and safety measures. Let us give them a big hand during a time when the whole nation is on a mission mode to overcome COVID-19.

M Pradyu Kannur

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First Published: Sun, March 29 2020. 22:59 IST

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