Martin Lewis explains how freelancers & agency workers can get paid via furlough scheme

“So show them this video – tell them they can furlough you. Agencies, umbrella companies, if you’re paying people by PAYE, the guidance I’m getting – forget the official guidance – is if there’s a need to furlough them because people can’t work, you can furlough them.”

What does furlough mean? 

Among the Chancellor’s plans is a huge bailout to cover the wages of millions of UK workers.

The Government has pledged to cover 80 percent of salaries up to £2,500 per month, with all employers able to apply to HMRC to pay the wages of people who are furloughed.

An employee furlough is when bosses require their staff to take unpaid leaves of absence. In other words, they’ll still technically be employed but won’t work or get paid.

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