Martin Lewis warns those who get dividends over coronavirus help: ‘Not so good news’

“But the changes are much bigger than that if you’re self-employed. First of all, they’ve changed the housing payment. It’s unfrozen, and that can mean the amount you get for housing being from £300 a month to £500 to £600 a month, in some cases.

“So there’s a big change to the possible payment you get for housing and what you get for housing depends on where you live and your costs. There’s a housing payment element to this if you are renting. If you’re not renting, it’s support through mortgage interest that you’d pay.

“Secondly, they’ve got rid of the minimum income flaw, which basically mens what you’ve learnt as someone who is self-employed doesn’t really matter forUniversal Credit right now, it’s how much savings you’ve got.

“If you’ve got more than £16000 in savings they expect you to use them. If you’ve got less, then you will get income support if you qualify in all of the other ways.

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