Sky TV and broadband price rise: Your bill could increase THIS WEEK

Sky customers have been aware for a while that their TV and broadband bills will be going up in 2020 but this week will see the hike finally arrive on bills. Sky has confirmed that, from April 1, some television and internet services are changing with costs going up by as much as £6 per month.

The biggest increase comes to those who use Sky Entertainment of Broadband Essential with these services going up by £2.

The satellite TV firm recently started sending out emails to all those affected by the hike with a message saying: “At Sky, we aim to bring you the most unmissable entertainment and innovative products that you can enjoy, 365 days a year.

“So that we can continue to give you the best experience possible, we occasionally need to review our pricing. Your price will change in your April bill and is clearly laid out below.”

Here are all the changes happening from April 1.

Sky Entertainment • £2.00 per month rise

Sky Broadband Essential • £2.00 per month rise

Sky Q Multiscreen • £1.00 per month rise

Sky HD • £1.00 per month rise

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If you happen to have all of these services added to your account you will see things go up by over £70 per year.

Speaking about the price increase, a Sky spokesperson said: ”We know price increases are never welcome, so we try to keep prices down while continuing to bring customers the best entertainment all in one place, leading customer service and even more flexibility to choose the package that best suits them.”

Although these costs are going up there is currently a way you save some money off your bill.

With the majority of sporting events on hold due to coronavirus concerns, Sky is allowing all of its Sports customers to freeze or cancel their subscriptions without paying a penalty.

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